Bachata A




Straight from Dominican Republic, the latest rhythm to hit the commercial tropical charts and the latest craze in Congressos Worldwide!

Dance along to Prince Royce, Romeo Santos & Hector Acosta…

Learn all the basic steps, timing, basic turn combinations and much more in a 3 month series. 12 total classes!

During the 3 month series, the first week is always dedicated towards learning the basics & timing. Weeks 2-4 are dedicated towards the theme of each series.
No Partner necessary.

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Bachata A: Core Cuddles, Bachata A: Core Angels & Shadows, Bachata A: Dominican Style, Bachata A: Sensual Isolations, Bachata A: Sensual Partnerwork Intro

Class Day/Time

Friday, 6:40-7:15pm, Friday, 8:00-8:35pm, Monday, 7:20-7:55pm, Monday, 8:00-8:35pm, Saturday, 1:20-1:55pm, Saturday, 12:00-12:35pm, Saturday, 2:00-2:35pm, Saturday, 4:00-4:35pm, Saturday, 4:40-5:15pm, Thursday, 6:00-6:35pm, Thursday, 6:40-7:15pm, Thursday, 8:00-8:35pm, Thursday, 8:40-9:15pm, Thursday, 9:20-9:55pm, Tuesday, 6:40-7:15pm, Tuesday, 8:00-8:35pm, Wednesday, 6:00-6:35pm, Wednesday, 7:20-7:55pm, Wednesday, 8:00-8:35pm, Wednesday, 8:40-9:15pm, Wednesday, 9:20-9:55pm

Dates August 16, 2021 to September 12, 2021