Bachata A (Beginner)


1,2,3 (Tap) 5,6,7 (Tap)

Bachata is one of the most popular styles of social dance. Bachata’s simplicity makes it a very beginner-friendly dance, while its opportunity for musical interpretation makes it genuinely addictive for dancers of all levels.

Step to the left (Tap/Hip). Step to the right (Tap/Hip). Repeat!

3 Types of Bachata

  • Core: This is the most basic form of bachata – a modern adaptation of the original dance. It adopts many turn patterns common in Salsa and is built around a “side-together-side” basic step rather than the traditional square pattern.
  • Sensual: This is the youngest of the three sub-styles. Sensual Bachata uses Core’s basic step pattern but less complex turn patterns. It is characterized by fluid, whole-body stylistic movements such as body waves and shoulder, rib cage, and hip isolations.
  • Dominican Style: Of the three sub-styles, this is the closest to its authentic, original form. Unlike other adaptations, Dominican Bachata is built around a square “box-step”. It is usually danced in close partnership; the steps are kept simple. This style features a smooth hips sway accentuated equally on every count.

Join the highly demanded and trending Dominican Style Bachata classes by Steve & Ronny, and elevate your Bachata swag with their exciting and flair-filled instruction! Don’t miss out on this popular dance craze!

  • Dominican A: Tap Out. Triple Step
  • Dominican A: The Julian
  • Dominican A: The Carlos Criss Ctoss
  • Bachata A: Dominican Style Partnerwork
  • Bachata A: Dominican Hips & Lower Body

Dominican Style Bachata classes are focused primarily on footwork, hip movements, and musicality. You will learn how Bachata music is structured, how to count your combos, and, most importantly, how to play with the rhythms.

All 3 classes are the same level, Each class has its own unique subject, but all classes are tied together in a way that it does not matter when you jump into them. We have you covered. We recommend taking at least 2 Bachata Core classes before taking any other style classes.

No partner is required.





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Bachata A: Core Hammerlocks, Bachata A: Core Outside Turns, Bachata A: Sensual Figure 8s & Fundamentals, Bachata A: Sensual Body Rolls, Bachata A: Dominican Style Footwork – The Julian, Bachata A: Dominican Style Footwork – Carlos Criss Cross, ★ Bachata A: Dominican Style Partnerwork, ★ Bachata A: Dominican CBLs & Turns

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