Brazilian Zouk Club


🎉 Introducing Brazilian Zouk Club at Our Studio 🎉

Starting a new dance can be challenging, but we are here to support and guide you every step of this journey!

Brazilian Zouk Club Training

Tuesday 8:30 – 10 PM

September through November 2023 Sessions


This club is designed to progress the dancer through all A-level fundamentals content plus some B and C-level intermediate to advanced content at a greater depth and consistency than can be achieved through regular, open-enrollment classes.

Minimum 3-month membership is required and includes extra perks like:

  1. 90-minute weekly training sessions
  2. Free entry to The Loft on Thursdays: where we will launch our Brazilian Zouk Room in September 2023.
  3. 25% discounts on private lessons.
  4. Deep discounts on special events, and much more!

Prerequisites: Beginner Series Parts 1&2, plus at least two other A-level Brazilian Zouk class titles, or instructor approval.

  • Examples of A-level content include Connection, Flow, Viradinha, Lateral, Lunge, Simple Turn, Open Break, Elastico, Easy Combos, Soltinho, Yo-Yo, Boomerang / Bonus, Raul & Chicote, Cambre, Zouk Body Movement and Isolations (No Head Motion), and more!
  • Examples of B and C-level content include Multiple Turns & Single Footed Spins, Shadow Position and Promenade, Illusions, Gostosinho & Swag, Body Movement with Head Motion Foundations for Close Position, Piao & Balao Apogado, Boneca, Rotisserie, Tilted Turns, Counterbalance, Aviao, Tolha, and special topics like Contact Improv Applications for Advanced Zouk, Lambada Applications for Advanced Zouk, Neo Zouk, Urban Zouk, Leading & Following Multiple Partners
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Elevate Your Dance Skills with our Zouk Club in Chicago

Unleash Your Passion for Dance

Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance that began in Brazil during the early 1990s. The most characteristic feature is the fluidity of body movement with partner connection, which can be led both on and off the vertical axis by intricate leading and following techniques. Other features include body isolations, tilted turns, traveling head motion, and counterbalance techniques. Brazilian Zouk is a dance with well-defined basic steps and rhythmic patterns.

Master the Sensual Movements of Brazilian Zouk

Experience the thrill of the dance floor like never before with our Club in Chicago. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this sensual and rhythmic dance style that originated in Brazil. Zouk is known for its graceful movements, intricate footwork, and intimate connections between partners. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, our classes are designed to help you unlock your potential and elevate your dance skills.

Discover a Community of Like-minded Dancers

Join our vibrant dance community and connect with other passionate dancers who share your love for Brazilian Zouk. Our group classes provide the perfect environment to meet new people, make friends, and build lasting relationships. Feel the energy in the room as you connect with your dance partner and synchronize your movements to the music. Our experienced instructors create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and motivated to grow.

Experience the Joy of Movement

Dancing is more than just steps and technique; it’s a way to express yourself, let go of inhibitions, and experience pure joy. With our Brazilian Zouk group classes, you’ll immerse yourself in the rhythm and flow of the music, letting it guide your movements and awaken your senses. Feel the excitement as you learn new combinations, perfect your styling, and explore the artistry of Zouk. Whether you’re looking to improve your coordination, increase your confidence, or simply have fun, our classes offer a fulfilling and exhilarating dance experience.

At Latin Street 600 W Roosevelt, 2W, Chicago.

Free parking.

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Brazilian Zouk Club

Dates September 11, 2023 to October 8, 2023

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