Music Production

We produce and publish music, and represent talent. Through our Grammy-nominated record label, Latin Street Music Inc., we have produced and released four records and represent several artists worldwide. 

Talent Representation

Angel Melendez & The 911 Mambo Orchestra is a Chicago-based music group known for their Latin and Caribbean-inspired rhythms. The group’s journey to success began in 2005 when their first production was nominated for a Grammy at the 47th Grammy Awards in the “Traditional Tropical Category.” Since then, the group has continued to produce music, releasing two records and a music video. They have also collaborated with multiple Grammy-winning vocalists such as Willy Torres and Argentinian Rock pop vocalist Damian Rivero.

The manager of the group, Andres Meneses, has been a Grammy-voting member for over ten years. He has been instrumental in shaping the group’s sound and helping them to reach new heights in the music industry. In July of 2013, Meneses was featured on ABC7 during their EMMY Award-winning program, N Beat, highlighting his contributions to the music industry. The group continues to captivate audiences with their commitment to producing quality music.

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