Dance Classes for Kids & Teens

At Latin Street, we understand that dance is not just a hobby but a passion that can last a lifetime.

Our dance program promotes discipline, respect, and appreciation for Latin culture, instilling values of hard work and commitment that apply both on and off the dance floor.

Our progressive classes provide a nurturing environment for children to develop the skills necessary to become good dancers and responsible community members.

WHAT makes us unique

flexible schedule

For Kids & Teens: Saturdays, 10 AM – 12 PM for ages between 4 years to 15 years.

1 Title = 4 classes

Our classes, structured as 55-minute classes, cater to various dance styles, ages, and themes, such as “Kids Hip Hop,” ensuring an enjoyable learning experience.

With six classes weekly, we accommodate busy schedules, allowing parents flexibility. Join us at Latin Street Dance Studio and give your child the joy of dance!
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Learning Approach

Our progressive dynamic 55-minute classes delve into diverse dance styles —Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Hip Hop, and Breakdancing— fostering coordination, rhythm, and confidence in children.

Week-by-week, we nurture growth:

1st class: Movement introduction
2nd class: Building on prior moves
3rd class: Enhancing learned steps
4th class: Mastering a routine and exciting new moves by the session’s end.

1 Title = 4 classes = 1 class per week

Inspiring excellence

Led by seasoned professionals, our classes ensure top-notch guidance. Our experienced instructors bring expertise and inspiration, nurturing dance skills and fostering a passion for movement.

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space where children can grow and have fun while learning to dance

One of our instructors, Mia Ines, was the first student in our kids’ program many years ago, now a dedicated instructor to passing on their love of dance to the next generation.

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Lively · Expressive · Rhythmic

Our specialty. At Latin Street, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where children can comfortably explore and nurture their love for the Latin culture; and Salsa and Bachata are one of the most valuable expression forms.

Your child will learn the importance of leading/following another person and the techniques and footwork of Salsa and Bachata while improving their coordination, rhythm, and musicality. We believe that these popular Latin dance styles provide a fun and engaging way to move and help build social skills and self-assurance.


Fun · Energetic · Creative

This program is designed to introduce kids and teens to the exciting world of Hip Hop dance. Through our experienced instructors and fun and engaging classes, your child will learn fun moves and techniques while improving their coordination, rhythm, and musicality.

Hip Hop is not only a fun and energetic dance style, but it also encourages self-expression and creativity. We believe in providing a supportive and inclusive environment for kids to explore their passion for dance. Join us and watch your child develop their dance skills while having a blast!


Dynamic · Acrobatic · Athletic

This is a unique and exciting way for kids and teens to learn this dynamic and athletic dance style. Your child will learn the fundamentals of Breakdancing, including footwork, freezes, power moves and dance battles, in which they’ll learn how to enjoy the victory and respectfully accept when they might lose.

Breakdancing is a physical challenge that promotes quick thinking, an excellent attitude to dance, and creativity. Our studio is committed to creating a safe and welcoming space where children can freely discover and pursue their love for dancing.


quarterly RECITAL

We love to celebrate our students’ progress and achievements. Our kids’ weekly classes include a recital every quarter (four in a year), where parents, family, and friends can witness their child’s growth and development in dance.

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Our two Dance Programs (Tropical Steps and Modern Dance) are designed to promote physical activity, teamwork, and creativity while building self-confidence in the students. Our flexible scheduling and affordable pricing make it easy for any school to provide quality dance education.

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SCHOOL outings

We offer exciting and interactive field trip opportunities for students in elementary, middle, and high schools to learn one, two, or even three different dance styles with their friends in a fun environment.

Join us for an unforgettable dance experience that will leave your students feeling energized, inspired, and ready to take on the world!

Code of Conduct


  • We treat everyone involved in the dance program – fellow dancers, instructors, staff, and guests – with kindness, courtesy, and respect.
  • We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, valuing each individual regardless of their background, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or dance proficiency.


  • We ask for permission before engaging in any physical interaction or dance routines with others.
  • We respect personal boundaries and understand that everyone has the right to decline participation or physical contact without feeling pressured or judged.


  • We prioritize safety above all else during dance activities.
  • We strive to dance mindfully, avoiding collisions and taking care to ensure the well-being of the students, ourselves, and others.
  • If anyone appears uncomfortable or in distress, we proactively offer assistance or seek help from the instructors or the staff.

Hygiene & attire

  • We maintain good personal hygiene by showering before the dance session, wearing clean and appropriate dance attire, using deodorant, and keeping our breath fresh.
  • Dress codes are respected to ensure comfort and appropriateness for the dance activity.


  • We do not engage in any behavior – verbal or physical– that is disrespectful, aggressive, or intimidating.
  • We refrain from making jokes, comments, or gestures that could potentially offend or discomfort others.

Respect for the Dance studio

  • We take care of the dance studio by keeping it clean and tidy.
  • Food, drinks, or any other items that may interfere with the dance pace are not permitted.

Cooperation & Learning

  • We support each other’s journey by encouraging teamwork, cooperation, and positive attitudes.
  • We approach instruction with a willingness to learn, participate, and improve our dance skills.


  • We communicate respectfully with fellow dancers, instructors, and staff, listening actively and sharing thoughts or concerns considerately.
  • In case of any conflict, we address them promptly and respectfully by seeking assistance from program staff, if necessary.

Attendance & Punctuality

  • We value punctuality and attend dance sessions regularly to foster a cohesive learning environment.
  • Students are expected to inform the studio in advance if they will miss a class; due to illness, emergencies, or unavoidable circumstances.
  • Refund policies or adjusting fees for missed classes might vary. In this case, seek assistance from program staff to navigate the best option.

Compliance with Policies:

  • We adhere to all guidelines and policies outlined by the Kid’s Dance program, including those related to behavior, safety, and participation.
  • Noncompliance with the policies may result in actions that include verbal or written warnings, suspension, or termination of enrollment. The severity of the consequences will depend on the nature and frequency of the violation.

Location and Facilities

600 W. Roosevelt Rd. Ste #2W, Chicago IL 60607

Latin Street is located in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. Our entrance is on Jefferson Street, easily accessible from I-90/94 and Lake Shore Drive. We offer FREE parking in our lot on 1128 S Jefferson St, just north of Binny’s parking lot (look for the red signs labeled Visitor Parking)

Our dance studio features:

  • Three rooms that can be merged into one large 2200 sq. ft dance floor.
  • Our professional floating dance floor has a foam layer between the wood and the cement floor, providing a softer surface and less impact on your kids’ joints.
  • Over 30 sound absorption panels that help provide better quality sound and eliminate echoing and disruption.

Lastly, we have installed glass doors to ensure that parents can observe their child’s entire dance session, providing safety and security. This also allows parents to witness their child’s progress and growth firsthand, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of dance.

Visit us to experience the perfect combination of location, amenities, and dancing experiences!

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