code of conduct


We treat everyone respectfully, regardless of background, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or dance ability.


We always ask for consent before dancing with someone while respecting their decision and sharing clear communication about physical boundaries.
“No” means no.


We dance with consideration, avoid collisions, and prioritize safety.
If we see someone in distress, we offer assistance or inform the event staff.


We enhance our dance partners’ comfort by doing things like taking a shower before dancing, applying deodorant, using breath mints, changing sweaty shirts, and so forth.

Anti-Harassment & Bullying

We will refrain from verbal and physical behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable, pressured, or intimidated.

Support the Venue

We observe the house rules and financially support the venue by ordering a drink, tipping the bartender, and so forth.
No drinks, food, nor baby powder on the dancefloors!

Conflict Resolution

If we experience conflict with others, we try to address the matter constructively and get help from event staff if necessary.

core values in our code

Commitment to growth
Welcoming & inclusivity
Dedication to representing and celebrating Latin culture.

helping to build a better dance community

Adults Dance Classes

Move to the rhythm of life

Our studio offers engaging and fun-filled opportunities to improve movement and connect with others in a welcoming environment. Our students follow the Code of Conduct.

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Weekly Social Nights

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Experience thrilling events and socials every week, from Tuesday to Saturday. You and your friends are sure to love the excitement!

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Our Chicago South Loop location has easy access to major highways and offers Free parking. Enjoy over 2400 sq.ft of professional floating dance floors and superior sound quality.