Zouk A (Beginner)

Zouk group classes are not being offered at this time. Please call us if you are interested in private lessons.


now starting a new dance can be a challenging deal but we are here to support and guide you every step of the way in this journey!

Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance that began in Brazil during the early 1990s. The most characteristic feature of Brazilian Zouk is the follower’s upper body movements which are led out of axis by intricate leading and following techniques. Other features include body isolations, tilted turns, and more recently counter-balance techniques. Brazilian Zouk is a dance with well-defined basic steps and rhythmic patterns.

Beginner class at 8:30p will focus on basic turn patterns and variations to consolidate your fundamentals.
Absolute Beginner class at 9:20p is for those who want to learn how to dance Zouk from the scratch. This class will focus on fundamentals, basic steps, body movements, and timing.

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Zouk A: Beginner Friendly Zouk Technique

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