Salsa C (Advanced)


For 4 classes – just $17.25 each
4-week offer

Are you ready to excel in your leading/following skills and understand what the follower needs? Are you prepared to challenge yourself with choreography and performing on the stage? Take C-level classes and “show off” with more elaborate variations.

If your dance experience is:

  • For less than 1yr, please consider taking B-level classes ➤. Click here.
  • 1yr+ / first time at our studioevaluation is required. Group evaluations are scheduled on Wednesday at 5 pm & Saturday at 11 am every 3rd week of the session. Fee: $20

Book a private if you want to play with the rhythms. Syncopations, changes, slow, quicks, accents, and stops are all used, and then the dancers can find the beat again to continue dancing.

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Elevate Your Salsa Skills

Reach New Heights in Salsa Dancing

Ready to elevate your salsa skills and ignite the dance floor? Join our advanced salsa class in Chicago, designed to challenge and inspire experienced dancers. Step into a world of rhythm, passion, and exhilaration as you master advanced-level salsa’s intricate footwork, styling, and musicality.

Section 2: Master Complex Patterns and Styling

Unleash Your Artistry with Advanced Salsa

Delve deep into the intricacies of salsa in our advanced class. Led by skilled instructors who are passionate about salsa, you’ll learn complex patterns, shines, and styling techniques. Discover intricate partner work and fluid body movement, and express your unique style on the dance floor.

Focusing on technique, musicality, and connection, our instructors guide you through challenging combinations, seamlessly incorporating them into your repertoire. Unlock your full potential and become a standout dancer in the salsa community.

Section 3: Connect with Like-minded Dancers and Showcase Your Talents

Join a Vibrant Salsa Community

Enhance your skills and become part of a vibrant community of passionate dancers. Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange knowledge, and support each other’s growth. Showcase your talents at social events, performances, and salsa congresses, and let your passion for salsa shine.

Our welcoming dance studio celebrates the joy and energy of salsa, uniting dancers of all backgrounds. Experience personal growth, forge friendships, and seize exciting performance opportunities in our advanced salsa class in Chicago.

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Salsa C: Hooks & Pivot Turn Combos, 1-hour Private Lesson

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Mon 9:20 – 10:05 pm, Schedule Required. Call 312-427-2572