Kids Salsa & Bachata Fundamentals (All Ages)


For 4 classes – just $17.25 each
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Kids Salsa & Bachata Fundamentals Class in Chicago | Every Saturday at 10 am

  1. Unleash Your Child’s Rhythm and Expression

Explore the Vibrant World of Latin Dance

Discover the joy of Latin dance for kids with our Kids Salsa & Bachata Fundamentals Class in Chicago. Suitable for all ages, this class ignites your child’s rhythm, boosts their confidence, and provides an exciting outlet for self-expression through movement. Learn basic steps, techniques, and partner work in a supportive environment with experienced instructors.

2. Join a Community of Young Dance Enthusiasts 

Cultivate Confidence and Social Skills

Build confidence and essential social skills in our Kids Salsa & Bachata Fundamentals Class in Chicago. Interact with fellow young dance enthusiasts, cultivating teamwork, communication, and respect. Create lasting friendships beyond the dance studio, experiencing Latin dance’s infectious energy and joyful atmosphere. Connect with music, express emotions, and develop self-assurance on and off the dance floor.

3. Convenient Schedule and Professional Instruction

Enroll Your Child Today!

Make dance convenient for your child’s schedule with our Kids Salsa & Bachata Fundamentals Class in Chicago. Every Saturday at 10 am, fitting into your family’s routine is easy. Whether a beginner or with prior dance experience, our class caters to all skill levels. Experience personalized instruction from seasoned professionals who are passionate about teaching children. Enroll your child today and let them embark on a journey of rhythm, expression, and personal growth.

For kids older than 8yrs old AND good with basics, take Salsa &  Bachata Class ➤. Click Here

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Class Day/Time

Sat 10:00 – 10:55 am


February 26-March 24

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