Kids Hip-Hop (All Ages)


For 4 classes – just $17.25 each
4-week offer


Kids Hip Hop Class in Chicago | Fun & Energetic Dance Lessons

1: Unleash Your Child’s Inner Rhythm and Style

Discover the excitement of our Kid’s Hip Hop Class in Chicago! Let your child dive into the dynamic world of hip-hop dance, unleashing their inner rhythm and developing their unique style. They’ll learn various dance styles and gain confidence, coordination, and a love for hip-hop.

2: Boost Confidence and Self-Expression

Join a community of young dance enthusiasts and boost your child’s confidence and self-expression! Our vibrant dance classes in Chicago foster individuality, creativity, and self-esteem. Connect with like-minded dancers, learn teamwork, and create unforgettable memories.

3: Convenient Schedule and Professional Instruction

Enroll your child today in our Kids Hip Hop Class! We offer a convenient schedule that fits your family’s routine. Our experienced instructors are passionate about hip-hop dance and provide expert guidance. Let your child experience hip-hop dance’s joy, energy, and creativity.

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Additional information

Class Day/Time

Sat 11:00 – 11:55 am


February 26-March 24

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