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Latin Street Music & Dancing is thrilled to announce our new VIP Social Dancing Team, directed by internationally renowned instructor Juan Calderon!

If you are an Intermediate to Advanced dancer interested in gaining increased proficiency in social dancing using tools and techniques for improvisation instead of memorizing patterns like performers, this is the Team for you.

Note: at launch, we are only admitting a total of 10 Leaders, 10 Followers, and 10 Switch (both Lead & Follow) dancers.

Multiple Latin social dances (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, etc.) and note again that we will focus on social dancing tools and techniques for improvisation versus memorizing patterns like performers.

directed by

Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon is an extraordinary dancer passionate about dance’s transformative power. Juan’s approach to dancing goes beyond the technicalities and choreography. For him, dancing is a means of connection, chemistry, and improvisational magic.

He believes in entering a flow state on the dance floor, where time seems to stand still and the outside world fades away. Juan refers to this state as “TranscenDANCE” – a blissful experience where he loses track of time and indulges in the pure joy of movement.

Juan Calderon

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  • Auditions: Friday July 19th, 6:50 PM to 08:25 PM
  • Practices will be held every Friday at the same time.
  • Director: Juan Calderon
  • Dance Style: Multiple Latin social dance (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, etc.)
  • ☎️  RSVP to claim your audition spot by calling the Latin Street front desk at 312-427-2572 or sign up below!
  • 📍  Latin Street Music & Dancing: 600 W Roosevelt Rd, Suite 2W (Google Maps link here)
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Open to the public, to our students, and to the dance community.

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For further information or inquiries, please email us at or use the form below, and our staff will contact you soon.