Salsa A (Beginner)


1, 2, 3 (hold) 5, 6, 7 (hold)

It’s the salsa beat (8beats) and when to take steps (123, 567). You are going to listen to this counting over and over again in all of Salsa A classes! Haha! Learn & practice these steps until it feels natural.

All of A level classes cover the basics. The different class titles refer to the partner work combinations that the class will concentrate on.

  • Fundamentals: Review the basic salsa steps – Forward&Backward, Side to Side, Left&Right Turns, and Cross-Body Lead. Highly recommended for absolute beginners!
  • Walk Thru & CBLs:  Review the cross-body lead steps & a variation walk-thru step, in addition to pivot turns.
  • Back Break & Swing: Review back break while swinging left & right.
  •  Hammerlock: A popular partner work you can see in the picture

*The order doesn’t matter


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Salsa A: Reverse CBLs, Salsa A: Hammerlocks

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Fri 6:00-6:45pm, Mon 6:00-6:45pm, Mon 6:50-7:35pm, Mon 7:40-8:25pm, Mon 8:30-9:15pm, Mon 9:20-10:05pm, Tue 6:00-6:45pm, Tue 7:40-8:25pm, Wed 6:00-6:45pm, Wed 7:40-8:25pm, Thur 6:00-6:45pm, Thur 7:40-8:25pm, Sat 12:50-1:35pm, Sat 1:40-2:25pm

Dates January 30, 2023 to February 26, 2023