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Inspiring Growth and Cultural Exploration

Latin Street Music & Dancing is proud to offer engaging and inclusive After School Programs that foster personal development and appreciation for the arts.

Designed for PreK to 12th grade students, our programs offer a convenient and enriching experience that promotes physical development, social skills, and cognitive growth. With no minimum number of kids or lessons required, our dedicated instructors will come to your location, making it easier than ever to ignite a passion for dance and foster a love for new cultures.

Building Community & Social Skills

Our After School Programs promote the development of strong social skills and a sense of community among students. Through collaborative dance and a group recital goal, students learn the importance of teamwork, communication, and cooperation. These skills help them form meaningful connections and build positive peer relationships.

Appreciation & Respect for New Cultures

At Latin Street Music & Dancing, we believe in celebrating and embracing cultural diversity. Our After School Programs expose students to various dance styles, such as Hip-Hop, Breakdancing, Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia. By learning about different cultures and their dance traditions, students develop an appreciation for diversity and cultivate respect for new cultures.

Promoting Artistic Creativity & Confidence

Our After School Programs provide a platform for students to explore their artistic talents and express themselves creatively. Through Modern Dance and Tropical Steps, students are encouraged to discover their unique style and develop self-awareness. The creative process fosters confidence and empowers students to showcase their individuality through movement.

two themes in our program



Our Tropical Steps program introduces students to Latin dances’ vibrant melodies and expressive movements, including Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia. Students will learn the art of leading and following, fostering social and empathy skills as they connect with their dance partners. Through cross-cultural exploration, they will develop an appreciation for new cultures while embracing the values of punctuality, preparedness, and respect.

Recommended for 4th – 12th Grade, our Tropical Steps program offers dedicated learning and a longer-term process. With a fusion of Spanish & English songs, students will be captivated by the vibrant beats that transport them to the heart of Latin culture.



In this program, students have the autonomy to select their own moves, empowering them with self-expression and fostering their creative abilities. They will immerse themselves in the dynamic world of hip-hop or breakdancing, where they will explore musicality, master new moves, and uncover captivating patterns that elevate their dance skills and nurture their artistic growth.

Tailored for students ranging from PreK – 12th Grade, our Modern Dance program offers a seamless and enjoyable learning experience. Students will groove to a captivating selection of popular English songs, igniting their enthusiasm and fostering a strong connection to the music they love.

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group recital

At the end of your After School Program, students will showcase their progress and talent in a group recital. They will work diligently, honing their dance skills and learning choreography. The recital is a culmination of their hard work and dedication, allowing them to share their accomplishments with their families.

Parents are invited to attend this special event, witnessing their children’s growth and development on stage. It’s a moment of pride and celebration for all.

dedicated instructors

Our instructors undergo thorough background checks and have vaccination proof, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment. They bring their expertise, passion, and creativity to every session, inspiring students to explore their potential and discover the joy of dance.

With the flexibility to accommodate your schedule, our instructors can come to your school once or twice a week, allowing for progressive learning experiences.


The kids in your school will love these programs, and their parents will appreciate this extra time learning new skills like:

Social: Listening, responding, taking turns, and working cooperatively.
Cognitive: Recognizing, recalling, identifying, differentiating, and sequencing.
Physical: Coordination, refinement of gross and fine motor skills, understanding of space and their bodies.

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