Bachata C (Advanced)


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The C-level class will build on what you learned in all the previous level classes and cover complex combinations of the essential techniques, dynamic new moves, harder ladies styling, and following tips to get you dancing better and enjoying the experience on the dance floor.

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  • For less than 1yr, please consider taking B-level classes ➤ Click here.
  • All B & C level classes require evaluation. Please call 312-427-2572 to schedule an appointment. Group evaluations are scheduled on Wednesday at 5 pm & Saturday at 11 am every last week of the session. Fee: $5 for current students / $20 for new students

Book a private if you want to challenge yourself with more complex techniques and even more style to your dance. Musicality, precise movement, passing, and perfection!

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Three Bachata Styles


This is the most basic form of bachata – a modern adaptation of the original dance. It adopts many turn patterns common in Salsa and is built around a “side-together-side” basic step rather than the traditional square pattern.


This is the youngest of the three sub-styles. Sensual uses Modern’s basic step pattern but less complex turn patterns. Fluid, whole-body stylistic movements such as body waves and shoulder, rib cage, and hip isolations characterize it.


Of the three sub-styles, this is the closest to its authentic, original form. Unlike other adaptations, Traditional Bachata is built around a square “box-step.” It is usually danced in close partnership; the steps are kept simple. This style features a smooth sway of the hips accentuated equally on every count.

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