Melao Jr. Performance Team


Open House: May 18th, Saturday 12 pm to 1 pm


Emerged from the collaboration of Mia Ines Meneses & Tlanextli Sanchez in 2022, Melao’ Jr. has swiftly matured into an assembly of emerging talents, primarily comprised of teenagers affiliated with the Latin Street establishment. Helmed under the directorship of Mia Ines Meneses, the team adeptly navigates the realms of both salsa and bachata, effortlessly enthralling audiences with their performances at CISC and CSBF.

Elevate Your Teen’s Dance Skills
Our Melao JR Salsa Performance Team is designed for young dancers who want to take their skills to the next level. Led by experienced instructors and choreographers, our team focuses on technique, teamwork, and performance to help your teen elevate their dance skills to new heights. Whether your teen is a beginner or an experienced dancer, our team will challenge them to push beyond their limits and achieve their full potential.

Perform at Events and Festivals throughout Chicago
Our team offers a unique opportunity for your teen to perform at events and festivals throughout Chicago. From local community events to national dance competitions, our team provides a platform for your teen to showcase their skills and gain exposure. Our performances are always a crowd favorite and will leave a lasting impression on your teen and the audience.



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