Bachata B (Intermediate)


Once you’ve mastered the fundamental basic steps, it’s time to level up and explore our intermediate bachata steps and the various patterns that complement them. The idea here is to build off the fundamental techniques you already have and master them as you expand your arsenal of moves.

If your dance experience is:

  • Less than 6-months, please consider taking A-level classes ➤ Click here.
  • More than 6-month/First time at our studio, evaluation is required. Once you check out, one of our staff will reach out via email to set up the evaluation schedule.


3 types of Bachata

  • Core: This is the most basic form of bachata – a modern adaptation of the original dance. It adopts many of the turn patterns common in Salsa and is built around a “side-together-side” basic step, rather than the traditional square pattern.
  • Sensual: This is the youngest of the three sub-styles. Sensual Bachata uses the same basic step pattern as Core but less complex turn patterns. It is characterized by fluid, whole-body stylistic movements such as body waves as well as shoulder, rib cage, and hip isolations.
  • Dominican Style: Of the three sub-styles, this is the closest to its authentic, original form. Unlike other adaptations, Dominican Bachata is built around a square “box-step”. It is usually danced in close partnership; the steps themselves are kept simple. This style features a smooth sway of the hips accentuated equally on every count

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Bachata B: Core Reverse & Pivots, Bachata B: Core Hand Tosses & Styling, Bachata B (Core/Sensual): Down Beats Walk Combos, Bachata B: Sensual Hips & Lower Body, ★ Bachata B: Sensual Melodic Intros & Dips!, ★ Bachata B: Sensual European Style, Bachata B: Sensual Venezuelan Style Combos, ★ Bachata B: Sensual NY Style Combos, ★ Bachata B: Sensual European Style, ★ Bachata B: Ladies Styling Musicality, ★ Bachata B: Men's Footwork & Styling, Bachata B: Dominican Style, Bachata B+: Choreo Performance class (Performing at LS Social)

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Dates September 12, 2022 to October 9, 2022