Sydney Dance Vacation

Event Details

Date: Jun 25, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024
Time: 10:40 AM - 10:40 AM
Address: Sydney Harbour View Map
Price: Discount with Latin Street Code


We will indulge in five Nights, staying within walking distance of the World-Famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. That way, we have instant sightseeing to experience I’m the Heart of The City.

Learn more about Juan Calderon here!

BTW, the Australians spell it Harbour instead of Harbor. So you’ll see me use the Australian spelling below.  They also spell “favourite colour” with the u added in. Several words have that extra u, such as favour and labour. Then there is the use of s instead of z in many words such as organise and analyse. And instead of traveling to Australia, we’ll be travelling to Australia, as they use the double ll in words such as travelling, travelled and traveller.  How fun!!


Things we’ll do in the 5 days in Sydney:

  1. The Sydney Harbour: Walk around and take photos of the Opera House, The Harbour, and the Harbour Bridge.
  2. The Coastal Walk is 6 Beaches, all walking distance from each other, and each one with its very own personality
  3. Visit a Rotating Rooftop Bar/Restaurant to see the Harbor at night (food and/or drinks are not included)
  4. Sydney Opera House Guided Tour
  5. Sydney Sky Tower & Sky Walk: This is Sydney’s tallest building, and you can see all the magic of Sydney from up above.
  6. Wildlife Sydney Zoo & Sea Life Sydney Aquarium: Normally I don’t like Zoo’s and Aquariums but in a country with such different wildlife than ours it is really an interesting tour to see all the different animals that only exist in the land Down Under. The Wildlife Sydney Zoo & Sea Life Sydney Aquarium are both smaller versions of their Aquarium and Zoo. These smaller versions are both in the center of the city. So they are also walking distance from our property.
  7. Dance Classes: 1 hour Dance Workshop Every Day (We’ll cover Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Brazilian Zouk so you’re ready for the nightlife)
  8. Accommodations for a 5 Night Stay walking distance from the Famous Sydney Opera House
  9. Transportation to/from the Airport to the Property.


  • AIRFARE, NIGHTCLUB OUTINGS (We’ll share taxis/uber to get around to the nightclubs/socials)
  • MEALS (We’ll have a kitchen to be able to prep meals if we want and we will also eat out at local spots)


$3000 PER PERSON or USD 2500 Total by mentioning the Latin Street Discount. Space is limited on our property. I have selected a few small apartments in a nearby apartment/hotel building with a rooftop jacuzzi. Space will sell out, so I invite you to reserve your spot now.


What do I love about it?

  1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: I’ve stayed here before and it is walking distance to everything on our list, except the Coastal Walk, we need a taxi to get to our starting point for that walk, and that’s included, so you don’t have to worry about it.  All our other tours are a 15-20 minute walk maximum from our home base. There are a few nightclubs that are actually also walking distance, but others are a short taxi ride away. For the nightclubs we’ll share taxi/ubers. For those we’ll all chip in. We’re also walking distance from the Sydney Botanical Gardens, so we can easily add that to our list during our downtime one day. They have some interesting flowers and plants there that I have not seen in any other country I’ve been to. And I’ve been to over 80 countries.
  2. ROOFTOP POOL & JACUZZI: What an amazing additional bonus to have. I really enjoyed being able to soak in the jacuzzi to start the day or after a walking tour of the Harbour before heading out dancing. I call it Jacuzzi Therapy!!
  3. LIKE NEW: Classy, Elegant, & Like New. They take extremely good care of this property. I made it my home for several visits to Australia and even for a long stay when I was living there. I’m very happy with the staff and management.
  4. EXCLUSIVITY: I looked and looked and there are no other properties in Sydney that gives us all that this one does. And don’t forget I’m a travel expert and an explorer. I really did want to find something different that could beat it, but this one is such a great find. It’s the winner by far. Very few properties with rooftop jacuzzis in the center of the city are within walking distance of the Sydney Opera House that offer more than 1 bed per unit.   Alright, that’s everything.

Send me a message if you have any questions ask Juan Calderon at: dancewhispering@gmail.com  Would Love to have you join us.