Kids Recital Tickets June 2024


Join us and bring your kids and family to celebrate and see our talented young performers’ wonderful progress and achievements.

Our students have diligently practiced and honed their skills, and we couldn’t be prouder of their dedication and enthusiasm.

Special Performance by our Melao Junior Team.

Our Student’s recitals occur every quarter and help us showcase the amazingly talented young performers joining our growing Latin Dance community. Be ready to be amazed at how quickly your kids learn, and watch them do their best on the dance floor!

Performances are based on our Weekly Program on Saturdays – Salsa, Bachata, Tropical Steps & Breakdancing taught by Yanira, Fedor & Mia Ines. Do you want to join our kid’s program? Click here

$10 in advance | $15 Door

June, 8th 2024

📍 Latin Street Dance Studio

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As part of our dedication to showcasing our students’ accomplishments, we organize quarterly recitals, providing four opportunities each year for parents, family members, and friends to witness their children’s remarkable evolution in the world of dance.

This recital culminate the hard work, dedication, and passion our students pour into their classes, offering a spectacular display of their newfound abilities and artistic expressions.

Our quarterly recitals go beyond mere performances; they celebrate community, resilience, and the joy of pursuing a passion. The stage becomes a canvas upon which our students paint their stories of progress, determination, and the sheer joy of expressing themselves through dance.

Recital Dates:
June 8th  –   September 7th   –   December 7th

Bring your Family & Friends to our Recital