Virtual Salsa A: Cross Body Leads & Walk Thru


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VIRTUAL Salsa A: Cross Body Leads & Walk Thru

Tought by Andres Meneses & assisted by Jonathan Rivera.

You will learn the fundamentals of all the Cross Body Lead & the Walk Thru for boths leads & follows and some additional basic turns & steps.

Steps included in this video are Cross Body Lead, the Walk thru, Hook turn, Basic turn + hook turn combination, Tumbao’ shimmy among other variations.

You do not need a partner for this video. Even thou some of these steps are meant to be used with a partner, this video explains the steps to learn to be able to do the move with a partner. You can dance by yourself and practice both leads and follow steps. In coming videos, we will use the Cross body lead as a partnered move.

Music: “Salsa Clave/Piano/Bass”

Video produced by Andres Meneses & Joshua Tammaro.
Director of Photography : Joshua Tammaro. –
Video duration: 31:40 minutes

Andres Meneses is the founder & owner of Latin Street Music & Dancing studios, with over 22 years of professional teaching & dancing experience. Andres is a certified judge of the World Latin Dance Championships with judging experience in Montreal, Chicago & Washington DC. He is also a dancer & choreographer of such TV shows as Chicago Med & Empire. He is currently teaching a full time dance schedule at Latin Street Music & Dancing Studios in Chicago, Evanston & Oak Park.