Virtual Bachata Core A: Partnerwork Angels & Shadows


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VIRTUAL Bachata Core A: Partnerwork Angels & Shadows

Tought by Abraham Ruiz & assisted by Cindy Estrada.

Learn what we call shadowing and angel moves, which require time changes for the leads. We teach these turns on our basic A level curriculum and it requires a lead and a follow. Your timing is very important as the lead needs to change their timing to dance better with their follower.

After you have mastered all your basic steps covered in all the past videos, you can start learning some steps with a partner. All the moves covered in this video are explain for leads and follows and demonstrated as a couple. There are also tips and secrets revealed to dance better and for better leading and following techniques.

Music: “Que No Haria” by Eunel & Mr. Don
Music rights provided by EQS Musica.

Video produced by Andres Meneses & Joshua Tammaro.
Director of Photography : Joshua Tammaro. –
Video duration: 38:54 minutes

Abraham Ruiz is a several times World Bachata Champion teaching a full time dance schedule at Latin Street Music & Dancing Studios in Chicago.