Virtual Let’s Salsa w/Ur Partner 4-Pack

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All videos are for “all ages”

All videos are for individual dancing without a partner, unless it says the word “partnerwork” in the title.

The letters in the title A, B or C, represents the general level of the class following our studio classes format.
A = beginners (1-6 months of dancing experience)
B = Intermediate (6-12 months)
C = advanced (12-18 months of experience)

The videos can also be titled 101, 102, etc,.. which is just a succession a difficulty of moves. 101 being the easiest.

All package details are below.


4 virtual Salsa classes to get you dancing with your partner!

The package includes:
Salsa A Partnerwork Basics: You will learn the fundamentals of leading and following with a partner. Learn transitions from all basic steps, Salsa basic, side-to-side & swing steps. Learn the basic turn combination.

Salsa A Partnerwork Cross Body Leads & Walk Thru: Learn to lead & follow the Cross Body leads & walk thru moves with a partner. Add basic turns to your Cross Body leads for both leads & follows & finish the entire combination with Salsa drapes styling.

Salsa A Reverse CBLs + Backbreaks: This is the 3rd video of the basic Salsa A partnerwork videos. Learn reverse cross body leads, cross body leads adding follow turns, leading turns in open position, leading turns from the shoulder & the waist. Also learn to lead & follow back breaks & rotations

Salsa A Partnerwork Hammerlocks + Left Turns: This is the 4th video of the basic Salsa A partnerwork videos. It includes the Salsa Hammerlock and different ways for the leads to exit the Hammerlock move with a leads left turn or the back break exit. Also, learn to lead a left turn for follows and add a basic turn combination. Bonus move includes a Hammerlock, into a cross body lead finishing with a follow turn.

Taught by Andres Meneses & assisted by Constance Contursi

132:15 mins of instruction to view as many times as you want at your leisure. (Well over 2 hours of dancing with your partner)

Music & video credits are described in each individual videos.
You DO need a partner for this video package.

Andres Meneses is the founder & owner of Latin Street Music & Dancing studios, with over 22 years of professional teaching & dancing experience. Andres is a certified judge of the World Latin Dance Championships with judging experience in Montreal, Chicago & Washington DC. He is also a dancer & choreographer of such TV shows as Chicago Med & Empire. He is currently teaching a full time dance schedule at Latin Street Music & Dancing Studios in Chicago, Evanston & Oak Park.

Constance Contursi is the owner of Hit It Fitness Gym in Oak, Park, IL, producer of the Savage Squad workout videos & an outstanding Salsa dancer.