Virtual B Sensually Challenged? Not Anymore 2-Pack

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All videos are for individual dancing without a partner, unless it says the word “partnerwork” in the title.

The letters in the title A, B or C, represents the general level of the class following our studio classes format.
A = beginners (1-6 months of dancing experience)
B = Intermediate (6-12 months)
C = advanced (12-18 months of experience)

The videos can also be titled 101, 102, etc,.. which is just a succession a difficulty of moves. 101 being the easiest.

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2 virtual Bachata Sensual B footwork challenges to put all the steps together and break out of your Bachata shell!

The package includes:

Virtual Bachata Sensual B Footwork Challenge 1: Learn a quick challenge with all the Bachata Sensual steps already covered in all past videos and practice a the sequence with faster transitions between steps. To best complete the challenge you need to know the step taps, Booty Rolls, Body Rolls, side basic, Double tap basic, & Sensual figure 8 hip movements.

Virtual Bachata Sensual B Footwork Challenge 2: Challenge yourself! Put together a nice footwork combination and add SENSUAL styling. Besides great instruction, you will definately get a workout not even watching it over again, just following the video in real time. Master this combination and you will see yourself performing on-stage!

Taught by Abraham Ruiz

60:54 mins of instruction to view as many times as you want at your leisure. (1 hour of sensual challenge)

Music & video credits are described in each individual videos.
You do not need a partner for this video package. All classes are meant to learn all the steps by yourself.

Abraham Ruiz is a several times World Bachata Champion & director of the Latin Street Frenesi Cumbia Team. He teaches a full time dance schedule at Latin Street Music & Dancing Studios in Chicago.