Salsa Combos B & C 5-Pack

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All videos are for “all ages”

Most videos do not need a partner, if the video has the word “partnerwork” in the title. Then you do need a partner.

Any word after the rhythm refers to a style of dancing that one rhythm. “Core” represents our main curriculum of that rhythm at our dance studio, “Sensual” is a modern style of dancing Bachata & “Traditional” refers to a more traditional style of dancing Bachata, aka “Dominican”

The letters in the title A, B or C, represents the general level of the class following our studio classes format. A = beginners (1-6 months of dancing experience), B = Intermediate (6-12 months) & C = advanced (12-18 months of experience)

We have also used the description of 101 or 102, etc.. 101 being the first video of the series and the easiest one.

All video details are below.


Start feeling the music & add many partnerwork combinations to your dance!

Salsa B: Partnerwork Pivot Turns by Andres
1st video right after all the level A partnerwork series. Learn pivot turn combinations, cross body leads, walk thrus, 2-handed turns, tosses, turns and combinations of all the moves in sequence. Start getting requests for another dance on the floor.

Salsa B: Partnerwork Multiple Turns by Andres
Learn different combinations leading multiple turns with your partner. Multiple turns can go clockwise or counter-clockwise. Learn to lead with different hands and combine them with different moves and transitions. Overall styling tips for both leads & follows.

Salsa B: Partnerwork + Copas by Andres
Learn to lead and follow the very popular “Copa” moves and appropiate timing with your partner (sometimes this move is called “In & Out”). Mastering this type of move will make you look and feel like you are now dancing Salsa. Lead the move with various hand positioning and add turns. Execute the Copas & turns with the right hand, left hand, cross handed and with no-hands.

Salsa C: Partnerwork Titanics by Andres
Start trying more advanced moves and learn the Titanic series! This video is recommended to be the 1st video of your level C or advanced series. Learn to enter the move and several options to get out of the move, plus styling tips for both leads & follows. This move is very popular in more advanced combinations and you will see it often. Learn the proper techniques and learn to be flexible on where to go from there and how to combine it to make your dancing fluid and classy.

Salsa C: Partnerwork Challenge 1 by Chris
Challenge yourself & your partner with this great long combination of moves! The combination includes spins, multiple turns, titanics & hand tosses. Including a big emphasis on styling and arm movements!

147 mins of instruction to view as many times as you want at your leisure. (2 1/2 hours of cool Salsa moves!)

Music & video credits are described in each individual videos.
You DO need a partner for this video package.

Chris Rios is the director of the Latin Street Six Seven Mambo Team and he is currently teaching a full time dance class schedule at Latin Street Music & Dancing Studios in Chicago.

Andres Meneses is the founder & owner of Latin Street Music & Dancing studios, with over 22 years of professional teaching & dancing experience. Andres is a certified judge of the World Latin Dance Championships with judging experience in Montreal, Chicago & Washington DC. He is also a dancer & choreographer of such TV shows as Chicago Med & Empire. He is currently teaching a full time dance schedule at Latin Street Music & Dancing Studios in Chicago, Evanston & Oak Park.