Virtual Kizomba A 2-Pack

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All videos are for “all ages”

You do not need a partner to dance

The letters in the title A, B or C, represents the general level of the class following our studio classes format. A = beginners (1-6 months of dancing experience), B = Intermediate (6-12 months) & C = advanced (12-18 months of experience)

Over an hour of dance instruction!

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2 virtual Kizomba classes to get all your basic steps!

The package includes:
Kizomba A Basic Steps:
Learn basic steps 1, 2 & 3 from the lead & follow perspective & correct weight shits. Learn the terms and moves associated with the Estrella, Marca, Jinga, Contratiempo & Balance.

Kizomba A Retrocesso & Pivots:
Review all the steps from the first video and learn the Retrocesso & Pivots steps. Also learn transitions between all basic steps and put them all together.

Tought by Shafeeha Monae

73:44 mins of instruction (over an hour) to view as many times as you want at your leisure.

Music & video credits are described in each individual videos.

All classes are meant to learn all the steps individually, no partner is necessary.