Virtual Breakdancing for Toddlers 3-Pack w/Free class

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All videos are for “all ages”

All videos are for individual dancing without a partner, unless it says the word “partnerwork” in the title.

The letters in the title A, B or C, represents the general level of the class following our studio classes format.
A = beginners (1-6 months of dancing experience)
B = Intermediate (6-12 months)
C = advanced (12-18 months of experience)

The videos can also be titled 101, 102, etc,.. which is just a succession a difficulty of moves. 101 being the easiest.

All package details are below.


Get the little ones to release some energy & tire them down a bit! Recommended for kids 4-7 yrs old.

This Package includes:
Breakdancing for Toddlers 1: Learn some basic concepts for breakdancing and basically follow along to Jungle’s calls! Moves include Kick outs, Bronco kicks, Top Rock, arms turns, corckscrew down, scorpion freeze, slides & sit spin.

Breakdancing for Toddlers 2: Learn some basic concepts for breakdancing and basically follow along to Jungle’s calls! Moves include jumping go downs, baby steps, bycicles & stomach spins among others.

FREE Breakdancing Warm-up! Here is a series of warm-up exercizes to get you ready for your breakdancing cypher battle. Get your blood pumping, loosen up wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, legs & abs. You can start slow and do more reps as you get more physically fit.

Classes taught by Jungle & assisted by Eleanor Aphay & Mia Ines Meneses.

38:51 mins on non-stop dancing for the little ones!

These videos are meant for your kids to practice and dance by themselves and no partner is required. This class is meant for toddlers from 4-7 yrs old and parents are encouraged to follow along with them.

Music: “FREE Break Dance Instrumental Beat”

Video produced by Andres Meneses & Joshua Tammaro.
Director of Photography : Joshua Tammaro. –

Jungle is a B-Boy veteran instructor, perfomer & entrepeneur. Creator of the Battle of the Breaking Dojos & Power Style Radio Show. Since 2011, Jungle has tought kids to breakdance at Latin Street Music & Dancing in Chicago.