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Latin Street’s fill-in program offers discounted access to our dance classes, allowing you to dance with new partners and learn from various instructors. With requirements in place to ensure skill compatibility, registering for fill-ins enhances your dance journey while fostering a sense of community within our studio. Register now for an enriching dance experience!

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Latin Street is proud to introduce our exclusive fill-in program, available only to our currently active students for the session. Designed to enhance your dance journey and enrich your experience at our studio, our fill-ins offer highly discounted access to classes, allowing you to dance with new partners and learn from various instructors. This initiative elevates your dance skills and fosters a vibrant community within our studio.

Participating in fill-ins is a fantastic way to reinforce your learning and immerse yourself further in dance. Whether you’re exploring Bachata, Salsa, or any other style we offer, our fill-in program ensures you get the most out of your classes.

To maintain the quality of our classes, there are a few requirements for fill-in participation. You can only fill in for classes you have already taken or are currently enrolled in. Additionally, you must possess experience at the corresponding level to ensure you can effectively assist the class. For instance, if you’re filling in for a Bachata B class, you should have experience at that level.

You’ll be responsible for fill-ins for the following three weeks upon registration. Please note that fill-in registration is non-refundable and cannot be made up with other courses. This measure is essential to uphold the value of our classes and establish a shared responsibility between our students and the studio.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to deepen your dance practice and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Sign up for fill-ins today and join us on the dance floor!

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Fill In Position


Dance Style/Level

Bachata A, Bachata B, Bachata C, Cha Cha Cha A, Cumbia A, Cumbia B, Cumbia C, Lambada A, Salsa A, Salsa B, Salsa C, Salsa NY On2 (Mambo), Satelite Location, Zouk A, Zouk B


Monday 6PM Fundamentals & Interruptions, Monday 6 PM Salsa A Hammerlocks, Monday 6:50 PM Salsa NY On2/Mambo A: Partnerwork Combos, Tuesday 6:50 PM Cumbia A: Partnerwork, Tuesday 6:50 PM Salsa B: Showtime Moves, Wednesday 9:20 PM Cumbia B: Paseo Techniques & Combos, Thursday 7:40 PM Lambada A: From Salsa to Zouk in One Step, Friday 6:00 PM Salsa A: Hammerlocks, Saturday 12:00 AM Salsa A: Reverse CBLs + Closed Position, Saturday 12:50 AM Salsa A: Hammerlocks, Saturday 3:20 AM Cha Cha Cha A, Saturday 4:10 AM Salsa B: Become Everyones Favorite

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