Ronny Moran

Dance Instructor | Business Development Manager

Ronny Moran, a dancer of Ecuadorian-Venezuelan descent, initiated his dance journey in Ecuador in 2018 under the guidance of Revelacion Latina Dance Studio. Upon relocating to Chicago, he continued his training at Latin Street Dance Studio, where he has had the privilege of teaching and learning from international professionals such as Pablo & Raquel, Luis & Andrea, Ataca & La Alemana, Adrian Ross & Migle, and the visionaries behind Bachata Sensual, Korke & Judith, through exclusive Master Camps. Currently serving as the Director of the Bachata Sensual Team at Latin Street (Chicago) and the principal Bachata Instructor, Ronny's expertise spans Bachata Sensual, Modern, and Traditional styles. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, he also excels in his role as the Business Development Manager at the same dance studio. Ronny extends his teaching prowess beyond Bachata, serving as an Instructor in Salsa on 1 and Merengue, making him a versatile and accomplished figure in the Latin dance community.