LS Cubanacan Casino Team


Latin Street is proud to be home to Chicago’s only Rueda de Casino performance team!

This team is highly recommended for those who want to level upexpand their dance journey, and promote the culture.

We are currently looking for experienced dancers! The Cubanacan team requires a minimum 3-month commitment, with discounts for 6-month and 12-month packages.

OPEN HOUSE: Dec 09, Saturday 4 – 5:15 PM

*Intermediate Level or higher
*No performance experience nor team experience required
*Please reach out if you want to observe a rehearsal or try out. 

p. 312-427-2572
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Cubanacan Casino Team

Cubanacan Team was inaugurated in mid-2022, the Latin Street Casino Team stands as the sole and pioneering rueda dance ensemble in Chicago. The team operates under the astute guidance of Fiona Ortiz, a distinguished figure within the Chicago Casineros community. Leveraging dedicated practice and unwavering commitment, the team rapidly transitioned into a proficient performer, with their engagements spanning from their home base to the vibrant dance scene of Atlanta. Renowned for their prowess in choreographed routines, rueda patterns, shines, and unchoreographed ruedas, the team has secured a notable presence at diverse gatherings, including festivals, events, and social dance soirées.

Cubanacán practices and performs choreographies with rueda patterns, shines, and unchoreographed ruedas with calls. The team performs at festivals, events, socials, and anywhere people want to dance.

Practices every Saturday at 4 PM.

📍 Latin Street Dance Studio: 600 W Roosevelt, Suite 2W. South Loop, Chicago.

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