LS Cubanacan Casino Team


Rueda Casino performance team has finally arrived at Latin Street!

Director: Fiona Ortiz, Chicago Casineros

Challenge yourself and be outstanding!

Cubanacan is a team gathered for Rueda de Casino Cuban style dance performances at festivals, events, socials and anywhere people want to dance. The team will promote its unique features of group dance and the spontaneous use of the rich Cuban dance vocabulary all over the nation.

We highly recommend this team for those who want to level upexpand their dance journey and promote the culture.

We are currently looking for experienced dancers! Please reach out if you want to see or join the rehearsal to try out. The Cubanacan dance team requires a 3-month minimum commitment, with discounts for 6-month and 12-month packages.

*Intermediate Level or higher
*No performance experience nor team experience required
p. 312-427-2572
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Additional information

Class Day/Time

Sat 4:10-4:55pm


Annual Membership, 6-month Membership, 3-month Membership