Shafeeha Monae

New York native, Shafeeha Monae is an Afro-Rhythms instructor with a combined 26 years of dance experience from Modern, Bachata, Salsa, Afro-Jazz, and Dancehall. Over the last 7 years, Shafeeha has pulled from her diverse dance background and extensive Semba and Kizomba training giving her Afro House, Kuduro and Body Movement a unique sensation. Shafeeha’s custom pedagogy has helped students ​on all​ level​s​ improve their breathing, foundation, connection, musicality​ and further develop their ginga, or creative expression, through dance. She is a lover of Afro-Rhythms with a passion for helping her community and extended dance family reach their fullest potential. ​Training with native Angolans and other highly regarded international and national instructors has helped shape her creative teaching style, riveting performances, and communal spirit. It’s not by chance that Shafeeha’s workshops are open to dialogue, she is a strong believer in learning from each experience and encourages Q&A as a means of growth. ​ Shafeeha Monae has dedicated herself to supporting and growing Afro-Dancers in the U.S. through her quality instruction, hands-on​ experience and continuous learning.​ Her classes are designed to build from the ground up, layering levels of success for each and every dancer. For Shafeeha Monae, Kizomba is a personal connection with every encounter, more than just steps – it’s a lifestyle.​