Hot Springs Hopping Dance Vacation in Costa Rica

Event Details

Date: Oct 29, 2023 - Nov 05, 2023
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Here are the details of the Hot Spring Hopping Dance Vacation in Costa Rica:

Who attends the reTREATs? People who love to travel, people who love to dance, people who love to surround themselves with positive individuals, people who love adventure and indulging in nature, people who are more interested in human connection than alcohol or other substance abuse, people who are gentle, respectful, consensual, mindful and open, people who have good hearts and good minds. These are the types of people that attend the Dance Vacation reTREATs.
Dance/Nature/Life…Bucket List Dance Vacation reTREAT…what is that? It is an event that focuses on Dance/Nature/Life at Bucket List destiNATIONs. Dance: We have Partner Dance Workshops & Social Dancing spread out through the week long reTREAT. 10 Hours Total of Dance Workshops. Nature: We visit nature and indulge in nature and we enjoy activities in Nature. Every Day. And in this particular Dance Vacation we will be Hot Spring Hopping. Since we’ll be in Costa Rica’s Hot Spring Capital we will visit the Natural Hot River in the Jungle on the mountains, next to the Volcano. And we will also visit Fancy Hotel Hot Springs built around the Volcano & Hot River to give us a variety of experiences with this magical resource. We will visit a different Hot Spring, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Life: We take part in workshops and activities that are meant to teach us mental hacks to live our best lives. Tips, Tools and Techniques we can take with us after the reTREATs and bring them home as souvenirs to use in our daily lives, social interactions, professional careers, personal development and relationships. 5 Hours Total of Life Workshops. Bucket List: The destinations selected are on so many people’s “Bucket List” and that is how they made it on my schedule. Destinations that people have decided they must visit in their lifetime. And that is why I do events there. 


October 29th – November 5th, 2023 

Costa Rica is known for its Nature. Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Hot Springs, Jungles and unique species of animals. While in Costa Rica we will of course indulge in NATURE. We will visit Costa Rica’s most popular Waterfall, we will visit Costa Rica’s most popular Natural Volcanic Hot Spring, we will hike around Costa Rica’s Most Popular Volcano and we will indulge in it’s amazing jungles, rivers and several Fancy Hotel Hot Springs too. A total of 7 different Hot Springs. We will be Hot Spring Hopping. Chasing Hot Springs every single day. We will also get a chance to see in the wild: Sloths, Monkeys, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Toucans, Macaws and a whole lot more. Costa Rica has a very popular saying in Spanish: “Pura Vida” which directly translates to “Pure Life” and this is definitely a big part of the theme of our reTREAT. Pure Life. Living our best Life. Dance Nature Life…Bucket List reTREATs

We select each destiNATION based on the wishes and bucket lists of people who have been in attenDANCE in the past at our Dance Vacation reTREATs. Each destination is special in its own way and has lots to offer in regard to fun and interesting places to visit and magical nature. Besides amazing destiNATIONS, the people who attend these events are a really special bunch. The type of people who you will enjoy traveling with, sharing time with, indulging in intellectually stimulating conversation with and people who will also inspire and motivate you to grow and evolve in your own personal journey. I’m always amazed at the levels of emotional intelligence of our guests and how wonderful the people are. This, of course, causes people to want to come again and again and become part of our Repeat reTREATer Club. 

✅How much? 
Before we cover the costs, let’s talk about what is included and what is not included. 

❌What is NOT included? 
Several Meals to sample the local cuisine (A total of 8 meals are included with our own private chef) We will eat out a bunch of times at restaurants close by with lots of options in international flavors and a wide selection in different culinary preferences. \

✅What is INCLUDED? 
Nature Adventures Tours/Excursions 
Dance Workshops 
Life Workshops 
Transportation to and from the airport in a shared shuttle 
Dance Socials whenever we want, wherever we want…our reTREATs are known for spontaneous dance socials 
8 Meals Total = 2 Meals Per Day with our Private Chef. There are no meals on arrival day or on departure day included. On those days we will be mostly traveling and therefore we will eat out. And we will have a chance to eat out a bunch of times during the week at local restaurants to sample the local cuisine, so that is why we are only having 8 meals with our Chef. To make space for meals out and about. 
Now that we have gone over what is included and what is not included let’s talk about the cost.
The Total cost is $3000 USD.
And, The next 5 people that Say LatinStreet will receive a $500 discount. So take advantage of the discount today.
For questions or to get the pass for this vacation, email Juan Calderon dancewhispering@gmail.com 
San Jose is the Airport to fly to. SJO is in the center of the country. We will then go to La Fortuna, where we will be staying in the Hot Springs Capital of Costa Rica. Be careful as there is another San Jose Airport in California, make sure you select SJO as the airport code, SJO is the one in Costa Rica. We will have a shared group transport from the airport on arrival day and also back to the airport on departure day.