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1 Trop: Willy Torres
9-time Grammy nominee & 4-times Grammy winner! Willy Torres was born in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. He has been a rising star in the Latin music world since age 4. Willy received his first main vocalist position at age 16 by Willy Rosario. Since age 16, Willy has played for many different artists including Ricky Martin, Victor Manuelle, Rey Ruiz and many others as s more
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2 Trop: Rebecca Kingsley "Bachatera"
Rebecca Kingsley is an American-born singer, songwriter and performer, perhaps best known for pushing musical boundaries as the first non-Latina to successfully cross over into the Bachata genre. Rebecca's smooth, warm, seductive sound, infused with a rich mix of Jazz, R&B and Latin rhythms and a sultry dose of strength and soul-- has received industry support and critical accl more
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3 Trop: Grupo Afinca'o
Afincao' is an emerging group of passionate and experienced musicians from the Chicagoland area. Staying true to their roots, the Spanish meaning of their name, Afinca'o was created to bring together some of Chicago's most musically sound and talented Latin genre musicians. Though diverse in their musical repertoire, Afinca'o is most noted for their Salsa, Latin Jazz, Me more
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4 Trop: Angel Melendez & The 911 Mambo Orchestra
Traditional Tropical: Salsa, Mambo, Boleros, Merengue, Latin Jazz & Cha Cha Cha 47th Annual GRAMMY Awards nominee 4th Annual Independent Music Awards 2005 Winner "Chicagoan of The Year 2007" - Chicago Magazine “The Mambo Kings of The Midwest” CS Magazine Oct 04. Composer, arranger, instructor and trombonist. After witnessing a performance by more
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5 Trop: Angel Melendez Tribute to "El Cantante"
Tropical: Salsa & Cha Cha Cha 7 piece band formed by Grammy nominee musical director Angel Melendez to pay tribute to FANIA music legend Hector Lavoe “El Cantante de los Cantantes”. This group draws crowds to remember the golden era of traditional Salsa music created by Willie Colon and sung by Hector Lavoe. Their repertoire includes: Mi Abuelita, Alejate, Que Lio, Tod more
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7 World: Mariachi Zapopan
Traditional Mexican. Under the direction of Ramon Moreno, The 11 piece ensemble Mariachi Zapopan will make your guests think they are in the middle of Mexico during their performance. They have played at Viva Chicago Music Festival and they are favorites and played numerous times at The Chicago White Sox U.S. Cellular Field & Soldier Field for The Chicago Bears more
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Trop: Carpacho & Su Super Combo
Tropical: Salsa, Merengue & Cumbia. CARPACHO AND HIS SUPER COMBO started in 1986 with the main idea of integrating the band with musicians from various countries. The objective was to demonstrate the typical sound of music of each Latin American country. The band is succeeding to this end currently with musicians from the United States, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexi more
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Trop: Conjunto Saldana
Fabian Saldana has been director and band leader of his Conjunto for the last four years. Conjunto Saldana has performed at many venues throughout the Midwest and Florida. Featuring many accomplished singers such as, Freddy Kenton, Franklin Paz, and Papo Santiago. Many of musical partnerships include Edwin Sanchez, Victor Garcia, Bret Bentler, Johnny Martinez, and Lui more
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Trop: Joe Rendon's Salsa Con Soul
New concept created in 2011 by Chicago's renown percussionist Joe Rendon and Chicago's legendary singer Devin Thompson. The leading congero in Chicago, Joe Rendon,brings his deep knowledge of traditional Afro-Cuban percussion and chants as well as his virtuosity and ability to adapt the congas to any style of music. Joe has performed with Tito Puente, Paquito D more
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Trop: Johnny Blas Afro Libre Orchestra
Hard hitting conguero, Johnny Blas has performed and recorded in the world of Jazz and Latin music for over 25 years. Charismatic and intense, Johnny is a seasoned performer whose musicality extends as a percussionist, saxophonist, composer and band leader. Johnny and his band put on a fierce show with swing, energy and heat that can melt asphalt. Blas, a New York native i more
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Trop: Jose Valdes & La Orquesta
Directed by Chicago’s legendary musical director Jose Valdes. "La Orquesta" features singer Sonia Perez, as she sings the repertoire of famous ladies in Tropical music like Celia Cruz and many others. The band plays traditional Latin rhythms like SALSA, Mambo, Merengue, Bachata & Cha Cha Cha. You can see them perform regularly at several venues in Chicago. started his musical journey in Ponce, Puerto Rico, the birthplace of some of the most celebrated musicians in Latin music history, including: Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Hector Lavoe, and Papo Lucca. Santiago pursued a degree in music at Universidad Interamericana, San German, Puerto Rico. Before completing his studies, he was recruited to play bar more
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Trop: Rica Obsesion
Rica Obsesion is a ten piece latin band, who performs Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Boleros, latin jazz. Rica Obsesion's ultimate goal is to show their love for music in their performance, to see and feel the excitement of the audience on the dance floor. Group members include: Dennis Calito - Timbales, Byron Calito - Congas, Alex Torres - Lead Vocal, Wanda Vazquez - Vocals, H more
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Trop: Suena by JC Delgado
6 member Latin Jazz Band lead by JC Delgado. Their set includes a variety of well known american and Latin songs with dance tropical rhythms including Salsa, mambo & Cha Cha Cha. Band members: Jc Delgado-Congas Willy Mollfulleda-Bongos Stuart Seale-Piano Kevin Miller-Sax Brian Stark-Bass/Sax Danny Hernandez-Timbal Justin Woodward-Trumpet David Bogher -Vibes more
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Trop: Yvonne Curet Orchestra
Brand new Chicago band directed by Puerto Rican vocalist Yvonne Curet. The band performs most Tropical rhythms including Salsa, Mambo, Merengue & Cha Cha Cha. Yvonne has been singing in Chicago since 2008 with lifetime partner Mannix Martinez and his Tribute to The Legends Orchestra. She has been singing and performing for over 30 years. She sings original music an more
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Tropical: Angel D' Cuba
Cuban soul! Rich, explosive, sublime. Angel d'Cuba, former lead singer with Cuban super-group Mezcla, now resides in Chicago and leads his own group: ANGEL IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM. This group delivers blistering salsa, timba, soul, funk, calypso and reggae flavored with the real MÚSICA CUBANA! Must see and hear to appreciate! More about Angel Angel ha more
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Tropical: Conjunto
Tropical: Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha & Latin Jazz. Conjúnto - def. a musical ensemble that interfaces the influences of traditional Latin rhythms with Jazz, Blues, Rock and the personal contributions of its members. Through the creation of this unique sound, Conjúnto aims in making a contribution to the musical evolution of Latin Jazz. It performs the traditional Latin  more
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Tropical: Gilberto "El Pulpo" Colon Jr.
“¡Pulpea, Pulpea!” Independent Music Awards Winner 2008! "Best of 2008! by Descarga.com Welcome to Gilberto Colón Jr. affectionately known as “PULPO”. The esteemed pianist initially received this nickname from his brother and conguero Eddie Montalvo during a live recording session. Soon after, superstar vocalist Héctor Lavoe made the same  more
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Tropical: Grupo Cha Cha
Tropical: Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha & Latin Jazz. The Cha Cha Cha genre is derived from the combination of the suave French quadrille and the rhythmically powerful Cuban son. Just as the cha cha cha music style developed out of the marriage of several cultural backgrounds, Grupo Cha Cha brings a wealth of musical diversity to the audience through their unique performances.  more
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Tropical: Herman Olivera
Hermenegildo " Herman " Olivera Jr. was born to Puerto Rican Parents on January 30 , 1959 in Newark,New Jersey. He began singing at the age of twelve & by the time he reached fifteen, he was singing with various local groups. It was at one of these engagements where Manny Oquendo , Andy Gonzalez & Pupy Cantor were struck by the young singer's vocal talent as well as  more
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Tropical: Jimmy Bosch & Su Orquesta
Tropical: Salsa, Mambo & Cha Cha Cha. His name has been linked to some of the best in the Latin music industry. He has played with Rubén Blades, Cachao, Eddie Palmieri, Combinación Perfecta, Celia Cruz, La India, Ray Barreto & Manny Oquendo. He was musical director for Marc Anthony. Israel “Cachao” Lopez wrote for him the song “Lluvia, Viento & Caña, in which song, his legen more
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Tropical: NABORI
SALSA De La Brava! founding members of Naborí; Wichy Ayala, Robert Figueroa, and Tony Ayala. These three musicians of diverse backgrounds came together in Milwaukee, Wisconsin under one unified goal; to create the best original Salsa Brava designed for the dancing public. In doing so, they also sought to revitalize the original music industry in an area where sals more
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Tropical: Vilma Diaz & La Sonora
Tropical: Cumbia. Singing the Hits of Dinamita! VILMA DIAZ "CUMBIA DIVA" Award (by Mauricio Pinzon) Vilma Diaz, a brilliant Colombian singer, recognized internationally for her mastery of the "Cumbia" rhythm. Born in Medellin, Colombia, a city that prepared her to be one of the main vocalists for groups such as "La Sonora Dinamita", "La Internacional Sonora Show" and now  more
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Tropical: Voz a Voz
2-time Latin Billboard Awards Nominees & Over 100,000 CDs sold. VOZ a VOZ le ofrece al mundo un sonido muy fresco y moderno que cuenta con fusiones de R & B, Bachata, y Pop. Tres voces en perfecta armonia. Sus integrantes nacieron en Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana. Comenzaron su carrera cantando en los hoteles del area este de su pais. En tan corto tiempo, ha more
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World: AfriCaribe
Traditional Puerto Rican & Afro Caribbean AfriCaribe is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, research, promotion, and development of Puerto Rican and Caribbean cultures through music, dance, theater, and other artistic media. The Performance Ensemble is compose of 10 drummer, singers and dancers. Created in Chicago in the year 2000 by Evaristo “Tito” Rodr more
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World: Bossa Tres
Traditional Brazilian. Bossa Tres is the greatest thing going in Brazilian music in Chicago these days. Luciano Antonio, Dill Costa & Marcos Oliveira have created a wonderful new groove that's sweeping across Chicago, taking music fans by storm. Their unique blend of solo vocals, brilliant harmonies, virtuosic guitar and percussion are so enticing that the listener is forc more
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World: El Ocotlense & Sus Mariachis
Traditional Mexican. Miguel Nuño began his career at the age of 16 in Ocotlan in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. His first musical group was “Los Extraños” to play at local parties in Mexico. In 1970 “El Ocotlense” started his first promotional tour outside of Mexico to California, Nevada, Texas & Colorado under the record label MusiMex and later Arnulfo “El Gordo” where he  more
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World: El Payo
El Payo is a Rumba/Nuevo Flamenco-Fused group based in Chicago. Its members come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, hailing from countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Spain and the United States. Their distinct sound is influenced by a rich combination of rumbas, traditional and modern flamenco, as well Flamenco-fused original compositions. Their dynamic, soulful so more
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World: Guitarra Azul
Guitarra Azul Is an exciting mix of Rumba Flamenco, Latin Jazz, and World Sounds, with Intoxicating Latin Percussion & Fiery Spanish Guitars. Guitarist and Composer Stefano is a former child prodigy who comes from a Musical Family. As a performer Stefano is known for his Dynamic Stage Presence and Brilliant Technique. He has appeared across the US and Europe as more
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World: Las Guitarras de Espana
Traditional Spanish. The concept of Las Guitarras de España is to present a varied program featuring traditional Flamenco forms (bulerias, solea, alegrias, etc...), some rumbas and compositions of their own, and finally, any music that related to Flamenco, i.e. Spanish Classical, Middle Eastern and Latin American. Whether you desire a guitarist playing a beautiful melody  more
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World: Nelson Sosa
Latin World Music. Nelson Sosa by himself or with his duo or trio has been playing throughout the Chicagoland area for more than 20 years. He specializes in singing and playing with his guitar the folkloric music of South & Central America. Whether it is Peruvian Waltzes, Boleros, Pasillos, Tonadas, Joropos, Rancheras, Cuecas, Tangos, Samba or Bossa Nova, he plays it all.  more
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World: Sones de Mexico
Traditional Mexican. Grammy nominees 2007 & Latin Grammy nominees 2007! Sones de México Ensemble specializes in son, a rich and lively Mexican music tradition and its many regional styles, including huapango, gustos, chilenas, son jarocho and the roots of mariachi music. Audiences watch as the group works its way through a collection of over twenty-five folk string, percu more
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y Jazz Latino World: Ivan Martirena
Ivan has been interested in music since an early age. Originary from Buenos Aires, Argentina, his training began at age 12 in traditional south-American folk music and classical guitar, but not until his senior years, where he turned toward his real passion: Jazz and improvised music. His academic studies started at "Conservatorio Jose Manuel de Falla" Buenos Aires, where h more
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y Jazz Latino World: Martirena Trio
Iván Martirena and his trio combine fresh and exciting rhythmic ideas with soulful melodies and improvised sections that bloom into exciting and original compositions. There is a fine balance in incorporating new ideas into songs people can relate to without losing the audience. It’s safe to say that this band sits on the fence between the folk traditional sound plus all the  more
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y Rock/Pop Latino: Damian Rivero
Latin Rock Pop. Argentinean born Chicago musician, comes from a generation of musicians that participated in the birth of Argentinean National Rock in the 80's. Damian belongs to a large chain of family musicians including his Grandfather Edmundo Rivero, one of the best Tango singers in Argentina of all time. From his father Muni Rivero he learned voice interpretation, guita more
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y Rock/Pop Latino: RICO!
Latin Rock. Rico! has been on the Chicago scene for many years with its delicious and rich Afro-Cuban rhythms, jazz jams, reggae-beat, sweet soul and belting rock. While it heralds a strong Latin influence, the critically acclaimed band can't be categorized by a single sound. Rico! heats up the smallest club to the hottest disco. It's Latin, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Jamaican b more
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z Classical: Julie Goldberg
"Named 2002 Classical Guitarist of the Year" (Guitar Alive Radio Magazine) "A superb performer who freed the mind from the technical demands of the guitar. A pleasure to hear!" (Columbus Guitar Society). "Her music is invigorating AND calming all at once!" (WLUW Radio, Chicago) Performing classical guitar music from Mexico, Spain, Latin America & beyond, Julie's m more
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