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Lisa "La Boriqua"
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Lisa "La Boriqua"  

Hello and thanks for taking the time to explore Latin dance with Latin Street Dancing and our staff of professional dance instructors! We look forward to sharing with you the joys of Latin rhythms and to helping you explore Chicago's fantastic Latin dance scene! Get ready to be one of those much-envied dancers who looks "like you never even took lessons."

Our approach to teaching is warm and friendly and we make sure you're prepared for each new skill level. Each class comes in an easy-to-digest four-week session you can think of as a mini semester to fill up with any number of fun and exciting classes. Each class is affordably priced and the more classes you take, the more you save! Take and re-take as many classes during these four-week sessions as you like and move from one area of dance expertise to another!


It's Salsa Time!


We offer hourly room rentals for private dance lessons or gatherings.

Outside Instructors and outside dance companies please call.

We encourage our students to practice what they've learned after every lesson by hitting the dancefloor at any of our recommended dance venues! Just ask what clubs we're promoting to take advantage of V.I.S. ( Very Important Salsero ) Card member benefits being offered.

Key Info
One Class Title Four weeks of lessons!
Each time you dance Classes are one hour each (four hours total for each Class Title)
Salsa Perks! Fill-In Program, Make-Up Program, V.I.S. Card (See below)
Fifteen-Dollar Wednesday! Take $15 OFF your total registration amount for one four-week session by registering EARLY for the NEXT session. Next session registration begins the Monday of your third week of class and runs through the Wednesday of the fourth week of class. Register by that Wednesday and receive your discount!
Ensure your spot(s) First come, first serve! If you mail in your registration, tardy postal service and post-dating does not count. Latin Street Dancing ( LSD ) cannot register you when you request a session without completing the prerequisites first or if there is insufficient enrollment. Gracias!
Registering Late? If you missed your first class in week one of your four-week session, don’t worry! We can set you up with a Make-Up!
Student Parking Illinois and Franklin, two blocks West of LaSalle, on Illinois St, look for VALET Parking Sign (the red one). Our coupons are good only during studio class hours.
One for $5 and four for $19. Also meters, bus and train lines very close by.
Your Receipt? Please pick up your receipt with your V.I.S. Card and any other perks we have for you at the front counter right when you check in for your 1st class of the session!
Release Thank you for filing out an Adult or Minor Release of Liability form when you register!
Payment Options We accept Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, check, cash, money order!
Need a partner? Come as a couple or come alone! We rotate our classes so everyone can dance with each other (unless you prefer not to)!  We will keep the class ratios balanced for you!

Already dancing? Not sure where to start? Consider an Eval!


We are happy to schedule an Evaluation anytime, Mon-Fri at 7pm with one of our instructors to see how high we can place you in our program.

Evals are only done for our Salsa Curriculum!

Evals are $15. By registering for a private lesson or a group class on the same day as your eval, we will apply $5 back towards your private lesson or group class!

Evals need to be scheduled in advance by calling the studio direct. Our instructors have a small break from 7p - 7:10p so they can start their next class at 7:15p. It is very important to be ready to go at this time. Please check in at the front desk by 6:45pm so you are not rushed. 


Fill-In Program

Class in progress

This is a GREAT PERK for our registered students! Fill-Ins are FREE classes ($16.25 Value each!) at your current level already completed by you, that you can use as practice, exercise, socializing, etc. and where we could use some extra dancers to keep our classes as gender-balanced as possible.

Call or check in at our front desk to see what is available this week. The list is constantly changing and there are some limitations! Enjoy!


Make-Up Program


When you know you cannot make one of your regularly scheduled classes and you give us 24 hours notice or more, we will gladly schedule you for a Make-Up class another time, in that same session. Yet another GREAT PLUS for our registered students! All Make-Ups are arranged for you at the front desk or by calling the studio.

Any Make-Ups must be taken within the same session of registration and do not “roll over” to another session. If for some reason you can’t make a class and call the day of, do not show, or call after the class is over, we are sorry but we cannot offer you a Make-Up. You can still check to see what is available for Fill-Ins!


V.I.S. ( Very Important Salsero ) Card Benefits!

Our Very Important Salsero Card offers Special Savings to our peeps and is re-issued each session!

Market Your Next Event through Latin Street Dancing

  Ask about sponsorship opportunities, advertising through us (emails, website, etc), cross promotions at our events, any raffle prizes we can use throughout the year -- ie. Dance contests! Contact us to discuss!

Need a Place to Practice?

One of our spacious dance studios

Room Rentals for only $15 an hour for students and $20 an hour for non-students.

Just call in advance to reserve a room.

Rooms also available for other uses like outside workshops or business use. Please call to inquire about those options.

General Class Notes
Clothing We encourage that your clothing covers your underarm area as significant sweating can happen in your class -- always good courtesy for your partners! Other than that, wear whatever you want! Come from work, workout clothes or regular street wear!
Shoes Only leather, suede, plastic, or foam shoe bottoms permitted on our Canadian oak wood dance floors! Rubber will destroy your knees over time and will leave a difficult film hard to clean on our Fun! Fun! Floors! Feel free to see any of our shoes on display. Sorry, but strapless shoes are a no no because they can slip off, hurt your toes or become flying objects! Bare feet are never safe and cannot be honored, sorry! Certain classes will honor an exception like hip hop, belly dancing, or specialty classes. You can always ask!
Socks Have a shoe emergency? We have special salsa socks for you to slip and slide in for $2.00! They are yours to keep and can be purchased at the front desk!
Cell Phones Salsa is more fun with no RINGING! Please put your phone on Off or Vibrate as to not interrupt the class fun! Thank you so very much! 
Guests As much as we would love to have your guests watch your class, we sadly can’t.We hope you understand that it just makes your fellow salseros nervous! Ask about how they can register to dance for only 1 hour with you.
Cameras Video Cameras or Tape Recorders are not permitted in class! 
Munchkins Sorry, but they cannot attend your class. If you have little ones with you, please make sure you bring a friend to stay with them in the lobby and not left unattended. Our staff is easily distracted and cannot keep an eye on them for you. But remember, we do offer classes for the little ones!
Smoking We love our smoke-free floor and building! No smoking, please! Thank you for keeping our lungs smoke free!
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